Timer to Cutoff
Simplify your life and stay focused on the essential.
The Idea

Society is evolving to always be more competitive. Efficiency is key to be successfull... But to find the right balance in our lives and still be efficient requires a lot of effort, sacrifice and discipline. Our goal is to help you become more efficient and achieve your goals more easily whether personal, professional or sportive.

Luigi, the founder, started this journey to find a solution to people like him, who wake up every day motivated to be better and achieve more. The goal is to relieve people form the smaller tasks and let them focus on the essential, you'll have no more excuses... 

The Mission

Our society sees its consumption habits changing day by day and Boka wishes to contribute to these important changes. We select exclusively local products from responsible and seasonal agriculture. We stand for no preservatives, salt and sugar in moderate quantities and guaranteed nutritional intake.

Nutrition is a central point in the quest for a balanced life. Often neglected, it is nevertheless the key to the success of everyone. Do you consider it a priority but don't have time to take care of it ? Boka is here to help you keep up the pace.

Cristian and Alessio, are the perfect match for a chef duo, they are like the ying-yang, and it's relfected in their kitchen style : A mixture of homestyle kitchen with the touch of professionnal chefs, the taste of tradition sprinkled with modernity.